Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative

Who is IDMC?

IDMC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides support for state and regional disaster medical teams and projects. Prevention, preparedness, resiliency, mitigation, response, and recovery are all critical to disaster medicine. Our framework of organizations and experts work together to share best practices, educate and train the disaster preparedness experts of tomorrow, and encourage partnerships to grow and expand available response and mitigation resources.

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Help us with our mission by contributing today! Your donations are essential for us to provide medical preparedness, response, and recovery for today's medical missions and future disasters.

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Do you have a profession or talent that you think might be a good match for our organization? Are you a leader of a group that might be a good fit for our collaboration? Contact us to find out more about joining our multi-disciplined volunteers and help us strengthen our disaster services.

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Please contact us if you would like to sign-up to help our disaster or emergency medical teams. There are a variety of opportunities to offer local teams assistance with mission support needs.

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About Us

IDMC provides a forum for collaboration, cooperation and coordination of disaster medical experts, assets and systems. IDMC is comprised of state and regional providers of mass gathering and disaster medical care. During normal operations, IDMC assists collaboration and sharing of resources between disaster teams. From education and training, resource typing and targeted EMACs, we develop solutions to those lessons learned during disasters.

Training and Education

Our mission is to educate, share best practices and train for disasters and mass casualty events using training exercises and mass gatherings to develop optimum medical models.

Research and Facilitate Communications

We advise on research practices in the realm of disaster medicine. We work in conjunction with members to facilitate communications and networking of disaster medical assets.

Expand Mission Support

Our mission includes the creation of permanent collaborations, temporary coalitions, and strategic partnerships with international groups to grow, expand and share our mission support model with other areas of the world.


A variety of resources for disaster response and emergency medicine practitioners.

Public Resources

A variety of publicly available resources for disaster response and emergency medicine practitioners for medical response to disasters, Covid-19, civil unrest, and mental health.

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Mobile Applications

Links to preferred mobile application resources that are available for Emergency Medical Responders and Disaster Management Teams.

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Member Resources

IDMC members have access to a variety of special online resource portals, including FirstNet, Microsoft Products, and more.

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Prevention, Preparedness, Resiliency, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery are all critical to disaster medicine. As a completely voluntary 501c3 non-for-profit organization, IDMC is run by working and retired professionals in the medical, law enforcement, disaster and legal communities who believe there is no higher calling than to help those in need in terms of medical aid, supplies, personal protective garments, education and moral support. Here are some of our current missions.

International Disaster Medical Collaborative

In response to events of 2022, we are working with global partners for humanitarian medical support to active conflict zones and the surrounding countries. We provide a forum for collaboration, cooperation, and coordination of disaster medical experts, assets and systems.


Mass Gathering Mission Support

Thousands of pre-planned mass gatherings and special events occur each year. Mass gathering events enable disaster medical support teams to work with local, regional, and national partners to provide community service, train, prepare for crises and share best practices to improve emergency response. Working together during scheduled events can provide a more unified response to future tragedies.


Natural Disaster Emergency Response

IDMC all-hazards approach to disaster preparedness supports response to a variety of natural disasters. From hurricane and tornado response, to earthquakes and forest fires, our state and regional teams can focus on the immediate field response while IDMC coordinates resources to assist those responders.


Our Board of Directors

The Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative began as an informal group of disaster medical experts in 2007 and incorporated in 2011 as a 501c3 to help coordinate state and regional resources in response to the devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri. Since that time, our all-volunteer organization has helped to build, grow and improve disaster medical resources across the nation under the leadership of its board and expert advisers.

Tim C. Conley


Sam Bradley


Brian Froelke

Chief Medical Officer / Treasurer

Erika Havelka

Advisory Board Chair


Please contact us to learn more about opportunities to work with IDMC, make a donation or submit content for our training or recruitment materials.

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