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mVIVa App:

mViva® For Providers requires a MedAware Solutions account obtained through your enterprise.

mViva® is an innovative patient-centered, mobile health, teleHealth solution for real-time care coordination and knowledge sharing that can help eliminate flow disruptions, clinical errors, and poor patient compliance. With every health system focused on risk avoidance, mViva® helps alleviate current HIPAA, HCAHPS, P4P, ACA and ICD-10 issues that you may be experiencing. The platform bridges the care continuum by empowering human intelligence with real-time, situational awareness in the palm of every hand ultimately delivering the right information in the right format to the right players to drive the right decision for each individual every time.

mViva® For Providers empowers care teams to enhance coordination of information, processes and resources with both patient-centered and peer-to-peer message threads. The platform allows teams to care for patients currently under their watch whether remotely or within hospitals. After joining a patient-centered thread, a provider will receive collaboration content from all members of the dispersed care team. The information is delivered in a wide array of rich formats such as voice messages, video clips, photographic images, text messages, imaging results, lab tests, live multi-party video chat sessions, among other items instantly shared in each patient-centered thread. The information is delivered via a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

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Active911 App:

ActiveAlert helps you respond to calls faster by getting the essential details right in your smartphone. No more copying down dispatch information or trying to enter an address while driving.

  • Uses Apple Push instead of SMS
  • Automatically maps alarm location
  • Coordinate response with others using real-time map
  • Access relevant photos and documents from your phone
  • Converts hard-to-read dispatch data into legible sections
  • Manage past and current calls
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EMResource App:

EMResource is a web-based communications and resource management solution that equips healthcare and emergency response personnel with a holistic operational view of local, regional and enterprise-wide resources to make the most informed life-saving decisions. With the EMResource app, you can perform life-saving response tasks with access to critical information about emergency departments, public health clinics, shelters and medical supplies.

According to your roles and permissions, you can:

  • Create, update and manage incidents and events
  • Organize and manage multi-region events
  • View and update the operational status of resources
  • Monitor EMS statuses, emergency room capacity, bed availability and medical staff availability
  • Track incident-specific resources, such as decontamination facilities, ventilators, pharmaceuticals and specialty services

Information entered in the app is immediately available in the EMResource solution to keep everyone connected and aware of current conditions.

A valid account is required to access this Juvare solution. Learn more at

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