Mass Gathering Mission Support

Mass Gathering Campaigns

Americans are hungry for entertainment and large social events including but not limited to sporting events, music festivals, parades and political events. Unfortunately, large concentrations of people attending an event with increased media attention creates an ideal scenario for attack by terrorists or those who would engage in stochastic terrorist acts, like an active shooter incident. High concentrations of people can also create unhealthy environments that can spread communicable disease or incidents inciting mass hysteria resulting in injury and potential death. Contingency response operations, including incident management systems for planning and operating, should be created for these "planned emergencies."

IDMC assists partner agencies in this planning process by helping to establish those contingency plans building on lessons learned and best practices from years of first-hand experience. After a plan is established, training, education and exercising are important. IDMC can identify, aggregate and enable access or disseminate useful resources to assist event organizers. Our non-profit organization can assist with this by providing expert insight and advice during hot washes and after-action reviews. As with assistance in building a statewide medical response team and helping develop disaster medical capabilities with an overall public safety approach, IDMC also assists with the deployment of enabling technology like Microsoft TEAMS, FirstNet, and other platforms. For “unplanned” mass gatherings such as protests or civil unrest responses, IDMC can assist in the discovery, review and validation of mission-critical information.