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A medical response to a humanitarian effort intends to assist people who are suffering from the impact of events caused by all-hazards. Using best practices developed in our U.S. model, IDMC is focused on providing support to partner agencies for the provision of medical care to people in need around the world. For responder organizations, IDMC fills requests for field medical equipment and personal protective equipment including hazardous materials gear. Our non-profit organization accepts donations of medical supplies from hospitals, fire departments, manufacturers and others and ship them to partner agencies for their medical care use in theatre, or to hospitals or government agencies responsible for civilian medical aid. In addition, IDMC provides training and education in various forms including the production of learning curriculum and the recruitment of specialty physicians, like toxicology, for telemedical support. International humanitarian medical aid is our newest project and is a work in progress. An additional benefit is that processes, lessons learned, and best practices in our current international effort can be used in our future efforts here in the US.


Mission: United Medical Support for Ukraine

IDMC is working with coalition partners to facilitate the collection, transit and distribution of requested medical supplies to Ukraine’s hospitals and emergency medical response teams. Collected supplies include medicines, medical equipment as well as medical supplies.

In addition, IDMC and coalition members have developed training curriculum and participated in training sessions to provide healthcare workers in Ukraine with the best practices for: Chemical Weapons Agent Preparedness Response, Hospital Preparedness and Disaster Management, Triage of Trauma patients, Point of Care Ultrasound, Polytrauma surgical skills and Nurse Training.

If you would like to donate medical supplies or training curriculum, please click here to contact us.

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Operation: Shine A Light

Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure have left many hospitals and temporary surgical environments operating in darkness.

In coordination with our partners, IDMC has teamed up with MPOWERD to provide solar powered lanterns with cell phone chargers, string lights and headlamps to participating healthcare facilities and medical responders in Ukraine.

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